Immerse yourself in the fantastic and funny adventure of an alchemist apprentice.

Your dream is to become an accomplished alchemist. In this first opus, you have the chance to learn from the Grand Master Alchemist Theo. Help him harvest the magic seeds of the fruit of Celestwald, the tree of dreams.

Choose between 5 heroes

Choose your hero between 5 characters, increase his level of alchemy and personalize it. 

Find hidden treasures and collect unique items. Some items can be used to customize your hero: necklace, rings, bags, socks ... well yes ... it's important to have good socks, right?


Yes, you can feed your hero. Of course, if you give him bad thing, his life will decrease ... well no worries, we are not in an RPG, he will not die ...

Get your own magical animal

As an alchemist apprentice, you will be able to adopt ... or rather to hatch an egg and get a magical-animal. 

It's up to you to choose which magical potion you will prepare to create the animal of your dreams. 7 animals are possible: cat, dog, panda, penguin, chick, rabbit or mouse. 

Summon your pet to help you and solve your quests together.

6 chapters

Celestwald is a game with 6 chapters, the installation of the game contains the first chapter for free. Chapters 2-6 are available in a single integrated purchase.

Without advertising

For more fun the game does not contain any advertising and work without wifi.

Your adventure begins on the Celestwald Island

Your story begins on Celestwald Island

Puzzles and several adventures await you!

Explore Celestwald forest

Explore Celestwald forest...

Multiple places to visit.

Invoke your magical animal

Invoke your magical animal

You will need to make a special potion to hatch your magic egg. The appearance of your pet depends on this potion, so think carefully before putting the special ingredients.

Sleep, eat and enjoy life

Sleep, eat, customize your hero

You can sleep, eat and customize your hero with various objects.

Meet Celestwald, the tree of dreams

Meet Celestwald, the tree of dreams

Celestwald is the tree of dreams, you will help him for the harvest of his magic fruit.

Meet amazing characters

The night...

You can explore the forest at sunrise, during the day, the evening or even at night ... Get ready to meet amazing characters!

The story

Once upon a time, there was a country named MIRABILIA where human and magical beings lived in peace and harmony.

For centuries, CELESTWALD, the tree of dreams, played an important role in their lives. During the day, everyone could visit him to discuss or ask for advice.

Every night Celestwald hatched its fruits. Each fruit contained hundreds of wonderful little flowers. The magic contained in each flower was so strong that their benevolent waves spread through Mirabilia. Every inhabitant, whatever the fatigue of the day, the pain or the sadness, received good magical waves and was cradled in sweet magic dreams and invigorating.

Sharing his strength and his benevolent magical waves brought happiness and wisdom to Celestwald ... but after so many centuries, the Dream Tree became old and exhausted. Every night he had to struggle with his last strength to be able to create new fruits with hundreds of flowers, to hatch them and spread their magical energy through the land.

To relieve him and thank him for his kindness, the inhabitants, in return, offered him their help. Since then, each month, Celestwald produces a single fruit. The Alchemist Master makes the fruit ripe, multiplies its seeds before harvesting them and only

 then, the seeds are sowing through the country of Mirabilia.

Each magical seed gives birth to a small flower. For a long month, the flowers spread their beneficent energy before fading.

Your dream is to contribute to this happiness by helping Celestwald. You are so happy when you learn that the Alchemist Master Theo, the Great Alchemist who take care of Celestwald, has chosen you as an apprentice.