Celestwald help

Tips: If you hold your finger for more than 1 second on the screen you will see hot points where there is an object or an action to do.

You can use this help in case the game becomes a bit too puzzling for you. If you can not find the answer to your question, you can send it toamlcreation.adventuregames@gmail.comand we will reply as soon as possible.

You can look at objects with the Observer icon (eye) or take/interact with the object with the icon Action (hand).

Click the questions to view the answers.

Don't forget to save sometimes the game... this will prevent you from losing the game progress (for example: if the game crashed)

Walkthrough video - chests riddles

Walkthrough video - prologue

Walkthrough video - chapter 1

Walkthrough video - chapter 2

Walkthrough video - chapter 3

Walkthrough video - chapter 4

Walkthrough video - chapter 5

Walkthrough video - chapter final

How to play

Why did icons appear when I clicked on the screen?
You can click on the objects in the scene to interact with them.
The icon with an eye is for observing objects.
The icon with a hand can be used to pick up or touch objects.

I don't understand how to move the hero?
Just touch the screen. The hero will move by himself.

I'm stuck in the first scene. How can I go somewhere else?
If you go on the left of the first scene, you see a dark shadow. Just click on it to load the next scene.
There are some hidden places that are not indicated with shadow. Perhaps you can try to click on moving grass too?
There are magical runes on the ground sometimes. These magical runes allow you to go to another scene.

I don't understand the riddles (the runes thing...) that seal the treasure chests.
In the treasure riddles, you have to find the correct code to open the chests:
The runes are the little sticks
You can form squares with the runes
An active rune is in color green-blue
An inactive rune is in color white or gray. The stick is gray if you have inactivated an initial rune.
You can move a rune by clicking one time on an active rune. Then click one time at the place you want to put the rune (on white/gray stick)
You cannot have runes that are not in the combinaison. If you form 3 squares, all the active runes must be used for the 3 squares. You cannot have 1 stick that is alone (not used).

I found food. Can I eat it?
Yes you can!
Open your inventory.
Drag and Drop the food onto your hero's life bar (on the heart).
Good food or potion will increase your health (green bar).
Bad food will diminish it... be careful.

I found a ring / a pair of socks / necklace, what to do with that?
Why don't you try to wear it!
Click on your hero's icon to open the hero's page.
Open your inventory
Drag an Drop the object onto the corresponding slot.

Everything it's too small on my screen... what can I do?
Check if you have the zoom button. This button is available in the house and in the basement of the shack.
If you find another scene that will be better with the zoom, please tell me.

I saw many errors in the English text! WHY?
Sorry about that... I did my best but my mother language is French ...
Feel free to send me the errors you have seen (with the correct version) and I will correct them!

Improvement / Known bugs

You can send me an email if you see any point that can be improved or need to be corrected.

Home's door riddles

If you are stuck with a riddle and you cannot go in the home anymore, you can use the hits below.

First riddle
Get 3 squares by inactivating 2 runes
You need to have 3 squares diagonally... so click on the 2 runes that are on the middle right.

Second riddle
Get 4 squares by moving 3 runes
Move the runes that are on the top right corner or top left corner

Third riddle
Get 3 squares by disabling 8 runes (tip: one square must be contained in the other two squares)
Disable two runes in the top right corner.
Disable two runes in the bottom left corner.
Keep the small square in the center.
Disable four runes to have two large squares with this little square in the center.

Treasure chests riddles

If you are stuck with a riddle of the treasure chest, you can use the hints below.

The bunnies' treasure chest
Search in the house for the code.

The treasure chest protected by a big bunny
The chest has no code, you just have to find a way to tame this big bunny!

Get 2 squares by moving 3 runes
You need to have a large square on the left and a small square on the right.

Get 3 squares by inactivating 3 runes
Inactivate the top right corner.
Inactivate the middle bottom rune.

Get 2 squares by inactivating 2 runes
Inactivate two of the inside runes.

Get 2 squares by inactivating 8 runes (the two squares must not touch each other)
Inactivate all the inside runes except the little square in the middle.

Prologue - A novice alchemist

I can not find Theo's house. Where is it?
You can observe the wooden panels, they will tell you where the house is. From the port, go left, then take the path down and go left again.

I searched everywhere, but I can not find the bag.
The bag is in the library, in a box.

I don't know how to access the room behind the book shelf.
A book will help... You can read the book titles using the eye icon and you can interact with the books using the action icon.

Who is Theo?
Theo is the master alchemist who looks after you. You must find his home and become his apprentice.

Who is Babaorom?
Babaorom is the animal mage of Master Theo.

Where is Babaorom?
He is in his master's room. This is the second room on the first floor.

Chapter 1 - Babaorom

I finished the prologue, but I don't remember what I need to do?
Go chat with Theo, he will tell you what your mission is.

How to make Babaorom happy?
It's up to you to find the solution. Talk first with Babaorom, he will explain what his problem is.

Babaorom does not want to tell me why he is unhappy.
You have to find the right words to make him talk. Choose the correct dialogs, he will end up confessing to you what his problem is.

I don't see how to help Babaorom since he does not want me to talk about it with Theo.
Search the house for living books. One of them will be very useful to you to find the culinary solution to the problem of Babaorom ...

I can not find the missing page ...
Have you spoken to the other living books on the first floor? One of them will tell you where to find the page.

There is a red book that walk! I cannot talk to him.
It's still a little early to discuss with him. You can talk to him later in the game.

The map I received looks like scribbles of children!
It is indeed full of scribbles ... however you can click on the map to have additional information.

I do not understand the map. How to reach the place indicated there?
You have to go somewhere near the sea. You will find a wooden panel and a strange text carved on a rock. This text will help you to the destination.

I'm stuck... I don't find how to activate the rune on the island.
Observe carefully the map you have. You can click on it to have more details. Some tips:
Find a tree stump on the first scene of the island
Find a rock covered with moss on the second scene of the island

It's night... I don't like to travel at night... It's full of ghost and...
Really? Well, it's not totally wrong ... but do not exaggerate it ... you can go to your room and sleep until morning if you wish.

In the cave of the mushroom island, how to find the correct object to take?
You have to test them until you find the correct one:
Find the way to light a fire... tip: observe the moss...
Find the object you can cook in the cauldron
Eat.. and try again...

I found the object that will help Babaorom, but I cannot give it to Theo!
You must be discreet, Babaorom doesn't want Theo to know about it... go talk to Babaorom, he will explain how to proceed.

Chapter 2 - A letter for me

I don't know how to start this chapter...
You can talk with Theo or with Babaorom.

I left the house... and now a magical scroll puzzle is blocking the entry...
Each time you improve your level, Master Theo will give you an enigma to solve.

I can't find the solution for the puzzle that block Master Theo house door.
If you don't find the solution for this riddle, you can look into the Riddle's solutions (on the top of this page)

I'm stuck in a dialog with Babaorom!
Have you tried each dialog option? I'm sure you will find the right one.

Babaorom gave me a strange mailbox. Do I keep it in my inventory?
No, you have to put it in your room, on the shelf.

Can I receive and send letters?
Yes, you can ask your mailbox to send letter.
If you received a letter, your mailbox rings and turns red.

My mailbox doesn't want to give me my letter!
Bibi will read the letter for you... it's like that...

Babaorom doesn't want to discuss. All he wants is to eat !!
Give him something to eat, he will probably end up being satisfied.

I gave food to Babaorom... We talked a bit and now he already wants to eat!
He's still hungry ... feed him again ...

What food does Babaorom like?
cooked food, cheese, meat, cookies, sister's cookies cooked in the magical cauldron, bread
It's not food, but he likes jewelery ...

Where can I find a magical egg?
Babaorom will tell you where and how to find a magical egg.

How can I have my own magical animal?
First, you need to find a magical egg and make it hatch.
Talk with Babaorom. He will explain to you how to do that.

I have to wait for 3 days but I cannot sleep to pass time...
In the meantime you must talk to Theo. He will give you a new quest.
If you didn't talk to Theo before asking your mom for the egg, you need to talk to him twice.
After completing this quest, you will be able to sleep again.

Where is Celestwald?
From Theo, you have to go right, then go up, then go left and you will find it.

Chapter 3 - Celestwald

Celestwald sleeps all the time. Why?
He is old and tired.

How do I wake up Celestwald ?
Master Theo gave you 10 red potions. Simply take one and pour it on the Celestwald tree.
You have to pour as many potions as you need to wake him up.

Where can I find a big green mushroom ?
Visit again the places where you saw many mushrooms... maybe a new one has grown there?

I found the big mushroom and now?! How do I transform it into a basket?
You have to use several tools to carve, to grave and to sculpt it.
You already 2 tools in your inventory.
You have to make the third tool. Find 3 items that you can assemble to make a knife.

I didn't find the items to carve the basket...
You already 2 tools in your inventory.
Find a branch, a piece of glass, an adhesive roll and make a knife.

Where can I find a ribbon?! I searched everywhere...
A letter to your sister might help ... but you need something to force her to send you a ribbon ...
In the meantime you can sleep or wandering until you mother send your egg.

I received my magical egg. What can I do with it?
Show it to Babaorom. He will tell you what to do.

Can I talk with my egg?
Of course, just open your inventory and click on it. He will tell you what he needs.

I cannot find a cushion.
I am sure that you will find an old dusty cushion somewhere... but maybe later...

My egg is hungry... but I cannot give him food or potion!
First, you need to find a cushion for your egg. Once you have comfortably installed your egg on it, you can feed him.

How can I go in the old shack?
First, Celestwald's quest must be resolved.
Then you have to find a way to remove the wooden boards.

I'm waiting for the ribbon. What can I do now?
You can talk to Babaorom. He will have several tips on your egg.
You can roam the night, it's cool too.
You can sleep.
You can talk to Master Theo.
You can read/talk to books.

I cannot give the basket to Theo. Why?
Master Theo isn't the one who asked you for the basket, no? Give the basket to Celestwald.

I don't want to talk to spiders!
No choice, courage!

I have the basket and a tiny fruit in it. What is the next step?
Go chat with Theo.

Chapter 4 - My animal mage

Some of the questions below may be helpful in Chapter 3. Some events may occur in the chapter 3, or 4 depending on the order of your actions.

I have the rank of apprentice. Does it change something?
Maybe there are characters you can talk to now? or rather objects?

What is the parchment scroll Master Theo gave me?
It's a scroll with the recipe of a potion to make your egg hatch quickly.
The recipe is on page 2.
Look closely at the notes that Theo added for special ingredients.
The appearance of your pet depends on the special ingredients.

How do I make the hatching potion?
Follow the recipe that is on the parchment.
Put the ingredients in the magical cauldron.

I only found 2 red fruits. Where can I find more?
There is still one on the bush where you found the others ... but it is hidden behind the rock.

I put all the ingredients except the empty vial. I didn't find any empty vial!
First, you must have put your egg on the cushion. Only then can you do the following:
Pour any potion on your egg to make it grow a little. You'll get an empty vial.
Pour any bad potion or unused potion into the kitchen sink. You'll get an empty vial.

Oops... I cooked the potion... but I forgot to put the special ingredient!
That's not a problem, you can still add the special ingredient after cooking the based potion.
If you picked up the based potion, put it back in the cauldron.
If you've already used the potion on your egg... well... it's too late to change it!

I didn't find any cushion!
Have you visit the old shack? Find a way to remove the planks of wood and enter.

The cushion is dirty... how can I clean it?
The best will be to use a washing machine. Ask your mother gently if she can clean it for you.

In my inventory I tried to put my egg on the cushion. It doesn't work.
You have to put the cushion somewhere in your bedroom.
Then put your egg on it.

The squirrel doesn't want to give me the honey...
Give him an acorn and he will help you.
You can find an acorn while wandering.
There also is a bunny playing with an acorn.
If you wear the lucky socks, you can sometimes find acorns.

I hate bees... How can I take honey without getting stung?
Find something that will attract them and place this object at some distance from the honey.

I found a potion that seems to grow things... maybe... I don't know. Why can I not used this on my egg?
This potion is not designed to make grow an egg. It will be very useful later...

Where can I found the dissolving powder?
There is a hidden room into the old shack. First, you must do the following:
Talk about the dissolving powder to a special book in Theo's house.
Visit the old shack and the cemetery during the night...
Talk to those who are there ...

Where is Radis?
If you have wandered during the night, you may have already seen him?
Radish... sorry Radis appears in different places: in the forest, on the island, near the sea or in the garden.

Each time I touch Radis, he vanished...
You have to find a way to tame him... His master told you what Radis likes to eat, right?

I gave Radis the correct food but it doesn't work...
Try to make this food bigger... with the special potion you should have found in the old shack.

What can I do with the picture hanging on the wall of the old shack?
You can talk to it later... and only during night.
First, talk to the ghost in the graveyard and to the book (in Theo's house) about dissolving powder.

Robi's grave is nowhere. I cannot find it!
First, you have to do Jojo's quest, he will help you to find the grave.

I completed Jojo's and Robi's grave quests but I'm stuck... the picture always asks me the same thing.
You have to look at the text that is engraved on the grave. With the eye icon.

It's dark! I don't find anything to light the room!
There is a button at the left end of the room.

I only have one key for the treasure chest. Where is the second one?
Jojo gave you a key. The second key is in the safe (... ok strange safe) with the dissolving powder.

I didn't find the parchment riddle's solution...help!
This one is harder... Get 4 squares by moving 3 runes.
Inactivate 2 runes on the top right corner.
On the left, inactivate the first vertical rune.
Activate 3 white runes on the top left to make a new square.

I solved the parchment's riddle and got a color code... what should I do with it!!?
At the right end, there are 4 stones on the wall. Click on the stones to change their color and set the correct code.
The stone corresponding to the first color is indicated by the sign --
If you use the zoom button, it will be easier to choose the color.

Chapter 5 - The fruit of Celestwald

How to I invoke Minimiel?
You have a new button on the top. Just click on it.
You cannot invoke Minimiel if he is already there.
You cannot invoke Minimiel during the night.

Where is the sacred watering can?
It's the object that is in the house, in the "inner garden".
Only Minimiel is small enough to go there.
Minimiel must first open the inner garden's door.

Minimiel took the sacred watering can into the inner garden. But I cannot give it to Master Theo.
You must keep the sacred watering can. Just click on Theo and talk to him. He will tell you what to do next.

How can I open Minimiel's inventory?
Minimiel doesn't have an inventory. Every object taken goes into your inventory.

Where can I find the bottles of magic water?
You need empty bottles. You can take the potions that are on the shelves in the house. You can:
Drag and drop the potions on your life bar
Or pour the potions into the sink.
Note that the orange or red potions don't give you empty bottle.
When you have 5 empty vials, you have to find the place with magic water. At the end right of the mushroom cave, there is another scene with a magical waterfall.

What? I need seaweed? There is nowhere I can get them!
I know you don't like to swim... but you have a magical animal now. I'm sure he will be happy to take a bath!
You will see a dark shadow wherever Minimiel can go in the water.

I didn't find the keys that open the underwater door...
You must to search in the underwater scenes.
One of the key is hidden under a starfish.
The other key is hidden in the sand, next to big rocks.

Where is the magical table for the sacred watering can?
You will find the table in the garden. You have to put the sacred watering can on it.

How do I prepare the potion in the watering can?
You must put the ingredients in the correct order in the sacred watering can.
Place the sacred watering can on the magical table of the garden.
Add the ingredients in the correct order.
If you don't remember what you added last, you can get info by looking at the watering can with the Eye icon.
If you failed to do the potion, you have to start from scratch.

The fruit is stuck into the inner garden. How can I get it back?
Go outside the house and observe...
Something has changed, try to find what and use it.
Stroll through the forest, you will find something new...

Chapter 6 - The magical seeds extractor

Theo asked me to give hime the big fruit, but I cannot talk to him.
Don't try to talk to him, just give him the fruit!

I need to release the magical flow but how?
Master Theo should have explained it to you, no?
You must enter the correct code in the comptuter to release the magical flow.
He said that the King of the books will give you the code.

I didn't find the code for the computer.
The king of the books will give it to you... maybe...

Where is the King of the books?
It's the red walking book in the house...

The King of the books doesn't want to speak with me...
He has a very high opition of himself...
Talk with him and ask him the code.
Ask Babaorom for advice.
Talk to him again.

How can I enter the code in the computer!?
Next to the computer, there are two levers and a red button.
One of the lever changes the active column.
The other lever changes the active line.
When a frame is activated, the symbol of this frame is erased.
The red button changes the symbol of the active frame and check if all the symbols are correct.