Point-and-click adventure games

Play puzzling adventures games on IOS and Android for hours. Unique, entertaining, original and non-violent games in a sweet and dreamy fantasy universe. Our point-and-click adventure games: Tiny Story 1 (2016), Tiny Story 2 (2017), Cats in the box (2018), Celestwald (2019), Fantasiant (2020), Tiny Story 3 (Januar 2021) and Tiny Story 4 (June 2021).

Tiny Story 4: Mimy and the witch of flowers

Find the witch of flowers, solve the quests.

Tiny Story 3: Wolfy and the missing sea

Solve this mystery, complete the quests...


Many levels to complete in a fantastic and original point-and-click adventure!


A captivating point-and-click adventure alternating adventure, exploration and puzzles in a unique style. 

Tiny Story 1 adventure

Tiny Story 2 adventure

Cats in the box


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