Tiny Story 4

Mimy and the witch of flowers: a point-and-click adventure game available on the Appstore and Google Play. The game is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Danish, Portuguese and Swedish.

 IOS |   Android

A fantastic and puzzling adventure awaits you! Relax by playing the character of Mimy who broke by accident a precious glassflower. The witch can help you with the creation of the magic potion that will cure the glassflower... but where is the witch?

Tiny Story 4 is a fun adventure game with cute graphics and intricate puzzles. With an interface specifically designed for touch devices, you'll navigate the story without incident or frustration.


Many quests and puzzles await you. You can also change your hat, scarf or dress.


Touch the object to take them, use them together or keep them in your inventory.


Our walkthrough video can help you.