Help for Tiny Story 1

Tips: If you hold your finger for more than 1 second on the screen you will see hot points where there is an object or an action to do.

You can use this help in case the game becomes a bit too puzzling for you. If you can not find the answer to your question, you can send it to and we will reply as soon as possible.

You will find detailed help directly in the game. Just click on the Q icon (Quest) and then on the detailed help icon (green interrogation sign). Each scene has its own help. So don't hesitate to use it.

Walkthrough video of Tiny Story 1 adventure [Part 1]

Walkthrough video of Tiny Story 1 adventure [Part 2]

You will find below the old help of Tiny Story 1.

Click the question to view the answer.

 I can not get to the attic. What to do?
 The mechanisms inside the clock is the solution. To open the clock, use the two buttons on the cooker. The code to set is hidden somewhere.

 I can not open the door to get to the roof. What to do?
 The code to open the roof is hidden in the drawer of the bedside table. You will have to distract the farmer. He will drop the key that he has in his pocket. The key will open the bedside table.

 I can not find the violet mushroom. Where is it?
  Observe the exterior of the farmer's house.

 I was mistaken in the creation of the magic potion. What to do?
  The brown potion must be used on the witch. The empty vial can be used again to concoct a new potion. The ingredients used reappear where you found them.

 I'm stuck in the graveyard.
 Do you have anything to dig?

 I can not go through the tunnel.
 You can not go in the dark. Find something to light the candles that are in the tunnel. Look for the farmer.

 I can not find the second egg.
 A small egg in the chicken coop and a large one on the roof..

 The dog does not let me pass.
 Find him a bone to gnaw.

 What is this awful flag with King Rhino?
  Destroy it, it's the symbol of the Rhino that invaded the town. Do not forget to pick up the stick. It may be useful ... to throw ...

 What to do in the bar?
 Go to the left of the door. What? There is a second floor ... Make a chimney fire to find clues ...

 What to do in the bakery?
 Yum, do not forget any treats, everything is useful!

 What to do in the house?
  Many items to pick up. Do not miss them! ... Do not forget to write the codes revealed by the lights ...

 I can not get into the police station.
 Did you wrote all the pieces of codes (two in the house, one in the tunnel)

 How do you get into the museum?
 Find the two stars.

  What to do in the circus?
 A magic hat without its rabbit is not fun ... Have you seen the hidden levers that operate the cannon in different ways. But what to put in the cannon? An object in front of the bakery, maybe?

 But ... there are no stairs to climb to the last level of the museum!
 Objects are to be place at the correct location to find the codes of the drawers ... er? What does it mean? You will understand ..

 I cannot open the second drawer in the museum. What can I do?
 You have another possibility to write the code. You need to click ones on each lever that are near the stairs. When you click on the levers, the wood panels where the code are displayed are activated. Now you can directly click on the wood panel to change the code. If you cannot click on the wood panel, that means, that you perhaps have clicked more than one time on the corresponding lever. (One lever corresponds to one panel).

  I don't understand the symbol that are upper the doors in the tunnel. Where do I find some clue for this?
 No clue exist in the game for this code. You need to see that the symbol are numbers (with their mirror). And then you need to addition the two top numbers and put the result bellow. Or if the result is displayed, you need to calculate the missing number...

 I don't understand the code in the last part of the tunnel ...
 Have you written the code that is displayed on the TV in the police station? Put this code as following: for the number 1 you have to click 1 times, for the number 2 you have to click 2 times, ...

 I cannot go into the water. I need the fish bowl, no?
 No you don't need the fish bowl of the police station. You will find a scuba if you display the correct symbol on the puzzle that is near the water. Check previous point for the details about the code.

 What can I feed to the fish that wants to eat me?
 This fish loves candies! But you cannot directly give it to him... so you need to attach one of the candy to something.

  I don't find the wood to build my boat! Where could I find it?
 Have you feed the fish? Or is it still hungry? If you already gave him the candy stick, perhaps you can put the little blue round candy somewhere on the rock... and see what's happening...

 I cannot use the hammer to build my boat.. why ?
 You need to put the hammer together with the nails before using it.

 I cannot use the screwdriver to build my boat.. why ?
 You need to put the screwdriver together with the screws before using it.

 What can I give to the hungry birds?
 Take 3 breads in the bakery...

  I've built my boat but I cannot go away with it. Why?
 You need a map to go away. Feed the birds to get it.

 I'm stuck elsewhere, what can I do?
  Explain where you are stuck by email at We will reply as soon as possible.

 I'm stuck elsewhere, what can I do?
  Explain where you are stuck by email at We will reply as soon as possible.

  The game does not work.
  Explain in which scene the game has crashed. Have you tried loading a game you saved previously? Our address: We will reply as soon as possible.

 The game is not available in my language. How can I contribute to the translation of the game?
 Yes you can. The game is available in English and French. If you wish to have it in your language, for example in Turkish or Spanish, contact us to and we will send you the texts to translate (in English or French, depending on your choice). Send us the translated texts and they will be added to the next game release. Your name or pseudo will be placed in the credits of the application.